ACI-Coin – The ICO is currently running

ACI-Coin – The ICO is currently running

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With ACI Coin Presale Live, Arc Iris Hydrogen will Make Crypto Mining Eco-friendly and More Profitable

(October 11
, 2019) – Bitcoin mining is attractive, but is also energy expensive, and requires huge amounts of power, thus potentially harming the environment. To make crypto mining safe, green and profitable, the first green coin, ACICOIN, has been introduced by ARC-IRIS Hydrogen Research and Development Ltd.

ACICOIN Presale is currently ongoing on its official website:

The team and the international organization is specialized in water treatment. They are also a water energy solution provider. During their history they developed the capability of regeneration and refreshing of water. Their technical program contains desalination, recreation of wastewater and purification of tap water via osmosis.

Originally as a side effect of the processes we they are now able to gain energy out of restructured water. This leads to their goal with the new company ARC IRIS Hydrogen Research and Development Ltd. to reduce a lot of electrical energy for Cryptocurrency Server Farms.

As a facilitator of nature and ecosystem provider they developed ecofriendly energy systems using in connection with wind and solar energy, hydrogen as basis of the new age facilities.

The business is based on private organizations and clubs in combination and support of universities. Through developing their technical components, they established various systems for testing

ACI-COIN is called rainbow currency, and directly connected to ecology. The coin is meant for projects in areas such as water treatment, mining farms, cosmetic and medical hydrogen technology, and for payment and cashback programs.

Arc Iris connects active nature protection and profitable bitcoin mining. The introduction of ACI crypto coin is our first way of reaching out to our clients and customers and asking for their help in saving the world together,” said a spokesman for the project.

The ACI coin has been developed on Arc Iris Hydrogen’s own blockchain and uses the Scrypt POW algorithm.

The ICO for the ACI coin: 22nd of October 2019 – 31st of March 2020

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